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Hello, ladies. Considering foot modeling? Great!

If you live in Chicago-land area, or simply traveling through and would like to make extra cash, I will gladly consider working with you. I love what I do and everyone I work with loves it too. The session takes roughly two hours during which we work hard, but we also have fun. We get creative with poses and scenes, outfits and props. I have been told that I am extremely easy to work with. I never touch you or tell you to do things that are weird or awkward. I hold my camera and let you be yourself, show off your feet the best you can and on a very rare occasion make suggestions on how I want you to pose. Typically, models just browse through my websites and get the gist of what it takes to be featured on chicago-feet. When you decide to model your feet, simply contact me at and include the following:

1) Several pictures of yourself. What I need to see is whether or not you will make a good fit on chicago-feet. For that I need to see your feet as well as the rest of you. So put your best foot forward (pun intended) and send me a good clear picture of you posing your feet and a selfie, where I can clearly see who I am dealing with.

2) Please also include your geographical location and schedule preference. Some people available evenings, some people prefer mornings. I need to know where and when I can work with you if we both chose to do so. So please make it easy on both of us and give me a clear picture of my options in terms of working with you.

3) Please include a phone number and best time to contact you. I actually prefer text over talk, so if you'd rather text - the better for me. But at some point before we meet, I'd like to talk to you over the phone so we can both have the assurance that neither of us is crazy.

Prior to our scheduled session I will send out an instruction email to you in which I will tell you how to prepare for the photo-shoot. Namely, have your legs shaves and nails done, but I also mention the type of shoes and outfits to have, etcÂ… Session itself takes place either in a public park, the beech, the city, your place, or my studio. I am reasonably flexible in terms of time and travel, so you don't have to be. Please be prepared to sign a 'model release' form which is basically your consent to grant me exclusive rights to the content obtained during our work session.

Finally, if you are in doubt and not a 100% sure if this is what you want to do, talk to me. I am not going to sell you a bag of goods, but I will introduce to you the possibilities and options in this industry so then you can have a much better understanding of what it is your are getting into, or hesitating to.

Bottom line: If you think you have what it takes to be featured on chicago-feet, do not hesitate to contact me and let's schedule it. Let's establish a working relationship from which we all benefit and during which we both have a blast.

Oh, and I pay cash ;)

Good luck,


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